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Project C.A.R.S: Quisimos trabajar en Wii U desde el primer día

Entrevista a Andy Tudor, de Slightly Mad Studios, los desarrolladores de Project C.A.R.S., el próximo gran juego de conducción de la industria.

RG: You´ve already signed licenses with labels like BMW and Ford. Have you planned to get more licenses?

AT: Oh yeah, we´ve already got loads: Mitsubishi, and, uh... A bunch more that I´ve forgotten now and I´m sure people will hate me for it (laughs).

It´s something really slow to do, and it´s not my job to get those licenses. We look which cars people would like to see in the game, and then we talk to our lawyers and then they talk to the manufacturers, which takes a very, very long time and it´s very boring. It´s an ongoing process, but whenever we find out we´ve got a new license we announce it straight away. So yeah, we´ve got a bunch of them at the moment and we plan to get more.

RG: Being able to show people your game before release lets you get a lot of feedback and upgrade the game according to it. Considering this, do you think you´ll keep supporting the came a couple of years after it´s theoretically done or you´ll move to another project soon since you won´t really need to fix too much stuff?

AT: We´ll absolutely keep working on it, the days when you released a game and then you moved on to your next project are long gone. Of course, there are business reasons why you´ll need to eventually move on to your next problem (you know, to make money and things like that), but we plan to keep supporting Project C.A.R.S. long after release with new cars, new tracks, new game modes and things like that. Think something along the lines of an MMO.

Quisimos trabajar en Wii U desde el primer día

RG: Was there anything particularly surprising about the community reaction to your game? Something you didn´t expect they´d dislike, or maybe something you didn´t really think much about but people really loved?

AT: It´s a bit of everything, really. There are some people who just really love to see cars being made, they give loads of feedback on it and make a big deal about the smallest things. There also are people who moan about why is something taking so much to do because they don´t really know why does it take so long to do or because the guy that should be working on that is actually working on something else right now.

You have to take the good with the bad, for all the people who go to forums like NeoGAF or Reddit and moan, and moan, and moan all the time there are thousands of people who give us five out of five stars in GameTrailers and millions of views in YouTube, so you have to take both kinds of people and balance it all.

But, you know, I don´t really think there was anything super surprising besides those guys that really, really love to see cars being made, way more than we thought anyone would.

Quisimos trabajar en Wii U desde el primer día

RG: Where do you put the line and stop listening to people´s opinions, since you can´t please everyone, and start doing what you think it´s the best for your game?

AT: You know, I always say that just because you put 20.000 pounds in the game it doesn´t mean that we´ll listen blindly to whatever you may think, because you may have a stupid idea.

We´ve found that the forum kind of self pleases itself, like there´s someone who post a good idea and gets a hundred replies with people agreeing with him or adding another suggestion, then we notice and start thinking that maybe that should be in the game. Also, if we post an idea and it gets zero replies or people are like ´Boo!´, then we´ll get it and will not carry on with that.