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Project C.A.R.S: Quisimos trabajar en Wii U desde el primer día

Entrevista a Andy Tudor, de Slightly Mad Studios, los desarrolladores de Project C.A.R.S., el próximo gran juego de conducción de la industria.

Entrevista en Inglés

Revogamers: Today, we´re interviewing Andy Tudor, from Slightly Mad Studios. Could you please introduce yourself?

Andy Tudor: Hi, how are you? I´m creative director at Slightly Mad Studios, so I kind of make sure the games are fun to play, I guess

RG: Compared to your previous work, like NFS: Shift, what would you highlight about Project C.A.R.S. that´s better or that wasn´t possible in your earlier projects?

AT: For example, in NFS: Shift 2 we did nighttime, which is great, but what we really wanted to do but we couldn´t was to be able to drive at night and then, all of a sudden, the sun comes up, so you couldn´t be driving through the night, into the early morning and then back to the night again. That wasn´t possible back then with the technology we had, so that´s one thing we´ve really gone for this time around.

And also weather. Weather changes everything, I mean, you´re racing one minute and it´s beautifully sunny and then suddenly it´s raining, which means that you´ll need to go to the pits (that´s another thing we´ve added in this game), it can also snow... That´s stuff we didn´t have the time nor the technology needed before and now can come true.

RG: Thanks to the freedom that crowdfunding brings, what have you been able to do that maybe a big publisher, say EA, wouldn´t have let you to do?

AT: I think the best thing is that we get to speak to you guys, the people that are going to play our games, instead sitting on a room with men in suits. When you have an idea for a game, and then that game comes out two years later you can´t actually guarantee that people are going to like it since it´s been hidden in secrecy for so long that maybe people say `I don´t want to play this anymore´.

Not right now, right now people give us feedback all the time, we´ve already been working on stuff and people have been like `Hmm, I don´t really like it´ or `How about you do this?´, giving suggestions and ideas. That´s something you can´t really get with the traditional publisher model.

Quisimos trabajar en Wii U desde el primer día

RG: Talking about big publisher titles, like Gran Turismo or Forza, what does Project C.A.R.S. have that they don´t?

AT: (laughs) Those are brilliant games, you can´t deny it, and whenever someone thinks of great racing games those two would probably be the first they´d come up with. Both games are big, with lots of cars... But does that mean I want to drive every car? Not really.

They´re really, really good, but they don´t have pit stops, they don´t have time of day, they may or may not have weather, but they don´t have team racing... There a lot of things they don´t have, we already have more tracks than Gran Turismo and the game´s not even out yet.

In the end, it all comes down to people going to the store, picking up the games and seeing which one they want to buy, but there are a lot of things Project C.A.R.S. has that those games don´t.