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Conociendo Monster Hunter Generations con Ryozo Tsujimoto

Hablamos sobre el desarrollo del nuevo Monster Hunter.

Entrevista original en inglés

RG: How’s the Monster Hunter franchise doing in the West? Seeing the reception that it has been getting, and the fact that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Monster Hunter X became a great success worldwide and in Japan respectively.

RT: The series’ name has become very well known in the west in the last five or six years, I’ve used to get asked in interviews “what is monster hunter” but it doesn’t happen anymore. We based our success in the community and in each country community fans creating events and spreading the word of monster hunter. Sharing the game with their friends and with everyone online. It helped the community grow in a way that we couldn’t do by ourselves. This kind of communication between the players has been very vital and one key element for success in the west has been the fact that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has been the first portable entry in the series to introduce online multiplayer which obviously has been a big factor of success in the west, because of the geographical reality of the region compared to Japan because people don’t usually have the chance to phisically play it, so online helps them form a virtual community even if they can’t go to a local event or something like that. Another thing that the community has done is that they’ve become (if you know Japanese) the “senpais”, they’ve become the teachers for new players and they’ve educated them on the series, they helped them through the hunts by literally joining with them and helping them get through… That kind of, you know, created another generation of Monster Hunter, so we really owe it all to the community players, we’re really grateful for that support.

RG: What was Capcom’s reaction when you introduced to them your idea for Monster Hunter Generations?

RT: We had a concept first of all that we kind of produced internally of the series being around for over ten years and on, so we wanted kind of “celebrate” his history and make something like a “festival” or an “event” feeling for this game. That was why we not only introduced new gameplay as the hunting styles and hunter arts, but also brought back all familiar villages and stages, so we thought “why not make it official in the gameplay and literally let you choose a style that changes the gameplay?”.

Mr. Ichinose (the director) and Mr. Kojima (the producer) really wanted it to be the most visually striking and sort of… you know, flashy Monster Hunter yet that kind of really shows off the action really well so we really pumped that up a lot more than in previous entries and I think it’s gone really well, it’s been a good idea; you couldn’t do this kind of thing, this celebration, with only two or three years running, you have to develop a history first and then celebrate it, so it’s been really great for the people to think “oh I remember this stage” even being more vertical following the path of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, but even if you don’t know the old games you’ll be like “oh, this is the kind of history the game had”, or “this is an original stage”. It covers everything really well.