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En Voz Baja #12: "The Final Countdown" (English Version)

Many websites around the world  are making references to our article so we have decided to translate it into English. Why? Because we are reading many wrong sentences. I invite you all webmasters to contact us for more information. I apologize for my bad English too.

All of us, we were expecting to collect enough information to bring you a new edition of rumors. First, we have to say this rumors are not neccesary related to E3, as some of you were hoping. Anyway, the posibility to receive new info about the E3 in the next to weeks still exist and we will offer it to you.

First of all, we are going to talk about the "little sister", NDS Lite. It seems that we will have this console in Europe on 9th or on 16th Juni. Some sources point at friday 9th as the most probable date. Continuing with the DS games, we are going to talk about two of them that maybe we'll see in Nintendo´s portable console. We mean, a remake of original PSX Soul Blade, the fighting game which started the Soul Calibour series. A big idea from Namco people, no doubt. We can also afirm that the 4th sequel of this game is been performed for next-gen systems, and Revolution will also receive this game (that info was anounces long time ago, even before to know the Revolution´s posibilities). Going on with DS,  we have already told that perhaps we ill be seeing Lara Croft "jumping of fun"... Write down a remake of Tom Raider 1 for NDS using the special features. It is almost confirmed a sequel for Revolution. In adicction, the GameCube version could add some extra-capacities different to the recent ones. ¡Lara is becoming Nintendo-fan!.

The rumor of seeing Nights into Dreams in Revolution is becoming stronger. You know, Nights into  Dreams was of the Sega Saturn´s star titles. Now, in Revogamers we already know that this is not a rumor, but a fact. The second act of this IP is coming. Yiji Naka, creator and owner of the caracters, has been developing it for more than one year. At this time, the title is 65% on developing time and basically we will use the revmote to play it.

Now we are going to talk about the console, because all the info pointing at June/July as lauch period in Japan. The other countries will recive it between September/October. A lot of details point at a sudden launching. In adicction, it will be white in the very beggining. In the future, the black version, and other special editions will come, depending on the game. Something else, the small sensor bar coming with the system that we have to put over the TV will be white too.

It is time to talk about some games for our Revolution. Let´s start with a strong and hopped rumor... Kid Ikarus will come back with a big change, 100% Revolution. It seem that Nintendo and Retro Studios are back with the game, the same people who was able to relaunch Metroid to the top in GameCube. We have read a lot of words and we have seen a lot of fake images... but it's said that this rumour will come true and the name will be Ikarus...

More games. Probably a new sequel of StarFox is on the way for Revolution. It will be 100% controlled with the revmote, without the classic shell or nunchaku: Having the controller as a TV remote, we could control the inclination of the ship at the same time that we point the objects. Remember, we don´t have to pay attention to the movement of the vehicle.
In the same terms, some rumors tells about a horse racer game, managed with the rev controller, just for the japanesse audience, and likely will never come to this land. It may come from Namco.
Continuing with the remote, one version of the famous Fight Night is probably being developed by EA for Revolution, and you will need two revmotes, each one being each fist. It is not very difficult to imagin how can we play a boxing game, right?
Once again, we are going to talk about the Burnout Revenge rumor, but this time we add something new: it is possible that the version coming to Revolution is not Revenge, but the next one. We will pay attention.
And the last one... a new edition of the music game Samba de Amigo, original for Dreamcast, is in development and it will use two rev controllers. So, let´s start to train with your own maracas!!

Before the controller unveiling he told us: "never understimate Nintendo". After that, he falled in love with it and remembered us: "i can say that this is a great, great product (...) it is a revolution (...) i would like to make a game (...) it is the first time i can move something in a 3D space". I supose you know who are we talking about, Peter Molineux. Everyone knows that his company has been adquired by Microsoft but we've been absolutelly confirmed (by a source who worked for them last fall)  that the company was starting the developement of  new Black and White and The Movies versions for the Revolution (shit!).

Harrison was in advance of us this time, because last month we already had information about the Rockstar-Nintendo relationship. In those days we were told that 35 Dev Kits have been sent to Take Two /Rockstar London. We don´t know which titles has the company on mind, but it is not probable the GTA option (mistake in the old info).

One of our contacts assures what "BigTac" said. Ubi has 9 games in the oven, some of them for launch. And it is absolutely sure the same version of Prince of Persion in Revolution.

Smash Brothers is a classic game in this rumors section and in every Nintendo web. Well, we come up to all this rumors over there with right information: the name of the project was Smash Bros: Mayhem, one month ago. In Spanish Mayhem menas "Total Chaos".

As you already know, Nintendo wants genres in their catalogue for hardcore gamers, the big recognized problem in the current GameCube's one. Well, it is not confirmed, but the company wants to make happy that users with the most famous multiplayer shooter. ¿How?, we have been told that Nintendo is discussing with Valve the posibility to bring the new edition of Counter Strike exclusively (on consoles) to Revolution. We are not sure how will this topic finish, but an important point for Valve is the sales failure of the current console version.

Investigating the revolutionary controller in Zelda: Twiligth Princess, we have been told that we will use the "classic shell" during all the game, this way we play like in the GameCube, and we keep inside the revocontroler, for example, to shot in first person. So, we don´t have to expect an complete adaptation for revmote/nunchaku tandem. Anyway, it is still posible to find a special dungeon (with a special item for the Revolution) where the new features have to be used. The aspect of the game has absolutely changed and maybe they are going to surprise us at E3.

The rare online magazine Spong told yesterday that we will see Pikmin 3 in the next E3. Well, we don´t know if it will be there, but we are sure that the game is totally ended. Remember that long time ago we were told about the simple management of the game (just using the revmote). Note: We said you could just point at one Pikmin, and then press"A" and throw it off the ground literally, for example.

(I will skip all the Bic Tac's part. You can find it in www.revo-europe.com , message boards).


This is all for today. Let remember that there is short time for the show and next weeks maybe we'll know something else about the expo. If that happens, or if another news and rumors come to us, we well see you in the new version of En Voz Baja.

As we promised in the last edition, we have put together in this topic a list with all the rumors that we said in the past and now have become truth, list that we hope to see growing in two weeks. Greats from the staff.

(Writters JmL, O.R. and CaVaYeRo. Translator Shezard. Info get from a variety of industry's insider contacts) Más Noticias de : Rumores
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